Discovery Insure COVID-19 product enhancements

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As of Friday, 27 March 2020, the country has been under a 21-day nationwide lockdown. Citizens are encouraged to not leave their homes, unless under strictly controlled circumstances. We encourage all of our clients to adhere to the rules set out by our President and we understand that many clients are concerned that this will affect their ability to meet their insurance premium commitments as well as their Vitality Drive rewards.

In the past week, we have introduced a number of product enhancements in response to COVID-19 and the resulting national lockdown. These product enhancements ensure that your clients are protected as well as rewarded during the lockdown, even if they do not drive or drive a lot less during this time.

Premium Relief Benefits

There are two Premium Relief Benefit available to clients who qualify and who are in good financial standing with all premiums paid up over the last 12 months. Both benefits will be applicable to your client’s entire Discovery Insure premium and not just their vehicle premium.

EFA Premium Relief Benefit

Clients who qualify for the EFA Premium Relief Benefit need to have accumulated at least two months’ worth of premiums in their EFA. These clients will be able to fund their next premium by using 50% of their Excess Funder Account balance. Using their Excess Funder Account to fund their next premium will work similarly to withdrawing funds from the EFA. For every R1 cash withdrawal, your client’s EFA value will drop by R2.

Fuel Premium Relief Benefit

Clients who qualify for the Fuel Premium Relief Benefit need to have received fuel cash back over the past six months, which are, in aggregate, greater than their monthly premium. For clients who qualify, we will waive their next premium, which will then be funded by their future monthly fuel cash back over the next nine months (or less, if the outstanding amount is repaid before this time).

Limited cover

If neither of the options above meet your clients’ unique needs, your clients have the ability to temporarily limit their cover and premiums. No further underwriting will be applied when the client wishes to restore full cover. Each application will be considered on an individual basis. Please speak to your clients to advise them on the appropriate options available during this time.

Clients can earn fuel cash back, even if they do not fill up

Our monthly fuel cash back formula is based on the lower of your client’s monthly fuel spend and Vitality Drive points. However, since your clients may have reduced their driving and may not purchase fuel during the lockdown period (or will fill up with very little petrol), they would earn no or very little fuel cash back for the month of April.

Therefore, to calculate your clients April fuel cash back, we will use the higher of your clients actual April fuel spend and the average of your client’s fuel spend for the months of January, February and March. Your clients can therefore earn their cash back, even if they do not fill their cars with petrol in April.

Clients can maintain their fuel cash back percentage and Vitality Drive points if their Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual MultiPoint check expires

When your clients complete the Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual MultiPoint check, their fuel cash back percentage is boosted and they earn 150 Vitality Drive points for 12 months. Since Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores are closing nationwide during the lockdown, many clients whose Annual MultiPoint checks expire during the lockdown will lose out on their fuel cash back.

That is why we are granting clients whose Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual MultiPoint check expires during the lockdown a 30-day grace period once the lockdown is lifted to complete their check. We will lock in your client’s fuel cash back percentage and Vitality Drive points during this time until they complete the check.

Rewarding new Vitality Drive clients during the lockdown

We understand that new clients will not be able to do many of the activities needed to earn Vitality Drive rewards during the lockdown period. Therefore, we have changed the way new clients engage with Vitality Drive during this time.

Installing a device

Clients who start their policies during the lockdown will not able to install a Vitality Drive Sensor or standalone DQ-Track They will receive a default score of 400 Vitality Drive points for the duration of the lockdown.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual MultiPoint check

We will reward new clients as if they have completed their Annual MultiPoint check and their fuel cash back percentage will reflect this during the lockdown. Their fuel cash back will only depend on their plan type and whether they have added home insurance of at least R250 000. They will also earn the 150 vehicle safety Vitality Drive points as if they have passed the check.

Fuel spend

We will not consider fuel spend when calculating the April fuel cash back for new clients during lockdown. They will earn fuel cash back equal to their fuel cash back percentage multiplied by their Vitality Drive points.

Enhanced Active Rewards goal achievement criteria

Since clients are not driving as much as usual, they may not be able to achieve their weekly Active Rewards goal of driving 100 consecutive event-free kilometres.

As of Saturday, 28 March 2020, clients can earn their weekly Active Rewards in the following ways:

  1. If a client does not drive at all during the week, they will earn an Active Reward, provided that they have earned at least one Active Reward in the past 3 months (December, January and February). If a client joined Vitality Drive in the past 3 months and has not yet earned an Active Reward, they will also qualify for this reward if they do not drive at all during the week.
  2. If clients drive less than 100 kilometres in a week, they will earn an Active Reward if all kilometres driven in the week are event-free.
  3. If clients drive more than 100 kilometres in a week, then the normal goal achievement criteria remains and they will still earn an Active Reward for 100 consecutive kilometres of event-free driving in one week.

Please note that:

  • Client’s Active Rewards drive ring will still fill based on their event-free kilometres, but it will not close by the end of the week if they drive less than 100 kilometres. As per usual, clients will get a push notification to notify them that they have achieved their Active Rewards drive goal.
  • Clients instantly earn 100 Discovery Miles when they achieve their Active Rewards drive goal PLUS a play on the gameboard the following Wednesday where they can flip a tile to reveal more Discovery Miles.

Car hire extender

Since businesses nationwide are closed, client’s vehicle repairs will take longer than expected. As a result, clients whose cars are currently in for repairs will be able to keep their Avis hired car for the duration of the lockdown period with no impact to their car hire benefit.

We will pause the number of car hire benefit days during the lockdown period. Once the lockdown is lifted, clients will still have the remaining number of car hire days allocated to them, depending on whether they have chosen the 30-day or 60-day car hire benefit.

Postponement of May and June premium renewal increases

We understand that some of our clients are financially strained as they have prepared themselves for the 21-day lockdown.

As a result, we have decided to postpone premium renewals for any client that has their anniversary in May or June. These clients will have their premium renewal increases effected in July 2020. In other words, they will have an unchanged premium for May and June and will only receive an increase in July. We will communicate their premium renewal increases 30 days before the increase (1 June 2020).

Discovery Insure services during the lockdown

During the lockdown period all Discovery Insure’s servicing channels will remain open with our staff work from their homes. We urge you to please use our online channels or correspond with us by email if possible.

Please remind clients that our 24-hour emergency services call centre (0860 999 911) will remain fully functioning and available to assist with any emergencies. Our supply channel for emergencies remains operational during this time as a defined “essential service”. These include:

  • Assistance for burst water pipes and geysers
  • Any electrical related emergencies
  • Vehicle accidents or breakdowns.
  • Vehicle thefts

We would like to give you and your clients utmost peace of mind that when it comes to their Discovery Insure car and home insurance, they can count on us for any emergency services, even during the lockdown.

We will communicate these Discovery Insure COVID-19 product enhancements and updates to your clients. These enhancements as well as further updates will be communicated on the Discovery website. Please read the landing page regularly and share it with your clients for updates and new product enhancements.

With these great product enhancements, we are confident that together we can help our clients get the peace of mind that their car and home insurance cover is taken care of while being rewarded.


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