Expert Financial Advice

CiG Wealth offers unrivaled insurance administration services. Our knowledgeable and tenured personnel, rich in experience and domain knowledge, use proven methodologies and a unique combination of proprietary and commercial technology to ensure that your business is managed quickly and accurately, and your customers experience best-in-class service. We provide a full suite of end-to-end business processing services that can be customized to meet your unique business needs.

More than just a third-party administrator, CiG Wealth is helping to shape the landscape of the insurance industry through public policy advocacy, innovative administrative solutions, consultative approach and commitment to service excellence. We are a thriving and growing business process outsourcing solution that helps insurers optimize administrative workload, bolster their industry expertise, leverage emerging technologies, and streamline operations. CiG Wealth delivers efficient and cost-effective solutions to foster your continued success.

Investment Planning
Frontier analysisor - the new portfolio

CiG Wealth examines existing asset allocation and recommends adjustments, if necessary. The program also provides an efficient frontier analysis, buy / sell transaction list, and tax impact analysis. We will develop a personal investment policy statement for the new portfolio.

Retirement Income Planning
Plan for Success

Develop a long-term retirement income plan, providing a summary of retirement assumptions, retirement resources, income sources, retirement expenses, guaranteed income plan, and investment plan.
CiG Wealth provides a short, no obligation, discovery meeting is the first step in the process. Once completed, we provide you with a profile, which is based on an engagement of one year.

Business Advisor
The starting point

CiG Wealth offers entrepreneurs a helping hand through business consulting, training and referrals to specialist service providers. Our business advisors help entrepreneurs identify what they need to succeed, whether it be skills, contacts or funding, and help them to access it.
Seda should be the starting point for all startups, as well as established agents looking to grow their businesses.

Educationl Support
Take back your future

With the cost of quality education increasing at a higher rate than most people’s income, it gets a little harder each year to pay the bills and still have enough money to set aside for your child’s future education. So CiG Wealth offers packages that can augment or even totally cover your clients future education needs.

About us


The changeable nature of the insurance industry and the marketplace as a whole presents a number of challenges to insurers, as they launch new products with limited or prohibitively expensive technical and administrative internal resources. We are managed by insurance industry veterans who provide you with the tools and resources to scale up quickly and capture opportunities in the marketplace without hiring in-house staff, while ensuring that the customer experience continues to meet your high quality standards.



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